• Don't Forget: All Aboard BlackBerry 10 Port-A-Thon This Weekend

    Android Port-a-thon Now Open To All Platform Developers

    It's fantastic to see how Research In Motion are engaging in developer communities beyond the current BlackBerry crowd. This weekend's upcoming Port-A-Thon is a testament to this commitment as not just Android developers, nut all developers are invited, to take part in porting their apps during a live event for 36 hours - starting on 11th January.

    Any developers that have apps that they would like to see on the BlackBerry 10 platform can join in and get real-time support from the BlackBerry developre team.

    As an added incentive, there will be some rewards up for grabs!

    • If you get one or more apps approved you can receive $100 per eligible app for a maximum of 20 paid applications
    • Get between five and ten apps approved and THE FIRST TWO HUNDRED (200) QUALIFIED PARTICIPANTS ONLY receive a Dev Alpha Device in addition to the other rewards
    • AND if you have more than 10 apps approved, you'll receive $100 per app, a Dev Alpha AND for the first 10 participants, a paid trip to BlackBerry Jam Europe!

    If you've been sitting on the fence about porting apps to BlackBerry, this is the perfect time to try it Visit the BlackBerry Developer Blog, for more information, and a guide for getting set up before the event.

    Good luck to everybody taking part!

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