• Donny From InsideBB Explains Moving Forward With BlackBerry 10's Flow

    Earlier today I wrote a little piece on BlackBerry 10's Hub and Flow features, and what they mean for the BlackBerry user. Now, Donny from the InsideBB Blog has written a follow up piece on what BlackBerry Flow means for BlackBerry 10's ability to move forward and "flow." If you aren't yet aware, BlackBerry 10 will not have any physical home or back buttons. Therefore eliminating the need to always have to enter and exit and app before moving on with what we want to accomplish next on our device. He comes up with a great analogy about the way we get dressed to how the flow feature works. Read what Donny has to say below:

    Last week we talked about how “BlackBerry Hub” and “BlackBerry Flow” will keep BlackBerry 10 at the center of your day. As we’re being introduced to these great features, one thing we learned is that the option to go “back” or “home” using a hardware button is going away. Since I’m a long-time user of the U-turn arrow, I wanted to know how to go back or home when using a new BlackBerry 10 smartphone.

    I got ahold of a BlackBerry 10 Dev Alpha device and started to play around with it. I realized I didn’t need to open and close apps because of the way you use Active Frames. In much the same way you multitask with frames on your BlackBerry PlayBook tablet – keeping one frame in front of you while other frames are minimized – you can keep your most-used apps readily available.

    If you think about it, the real world pretty much works the same way. Picture yourself preparing to take a walk: You put on your shoes and coat, grab your keys, and go out the door. The point is that you’re always moving forward in a general ritualistic “flow” toward the goal of taking a walk. You don’t put on your shoes then take them off to put your socks on.

    If you are apprehensive about the lack of the U-turn back button or a traditional “home” hardware home button, don’t be. If you really get stuck, also remember that you can comment here or contact BlackBerry Support for assistance.
    Let us know what you think about the BlackBerry 10 "Flow" feature in the comments below!

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