• Does The Secret Facebook-BlackBerry Meeting Spell FaceBerry In The Making?

    It's no secret that Facebook and BlackBerry have an ongoing positive relationship with each other. Imagine the commotion that would have ensued if BlackBerry 10 would have launched without a Facebook app. Professional work relationship aside, the Wall Street Journal just reported that according to anonymous sources, BlackBerry met Facebook execs in California to discuss a possible bid by the social networking site.

    These news come days before the diligence period for BlackBerry to seek other potential buyers expires on November 4th. As of the time of this writing, BlackBerry's stock was up by nearly 2%.

    Honestly I can't see how this deal would make sense for Facebook other than for being interested in making a bid for certain patents and possibly even the whole of BBM. Facebook has been under fire more than once for privacy concerns, and BlackBerry holds an incredible patent portfolio in innovation in that area. Additionally, given Facebook's recent interest in expanding its influence in social media consumption and distribution beyond status updates, having BBM power Facebook messenger could make a lot of sense for the company. Then again, Facebook has for a long time been interested in building a "Facebook phone" and this time they might be looking into acquiring the hardware development division of BlackBerry to help them accomplish this feat, since their first attempt, the HTC First with Facebook home wasn't necessarily a huge success given HTC discontinued the device after having had it on market for just a few months.

    All in all, given the lack of information about what actually happened at this meeting, truth is we just don't know. In one possible but highly unlikely scenario, it could just have been a personal plea by Thorsten Heins to Mark Zuckerberg to pressure its instagram team to build a native BlackBerry 10 app.

    What do you make of it? Let us know in the comments!

    Source: WSJ
    Via: Market Watch

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