• Does BlackBerry Have A Slider Phone In The Pipeline?

    Is this a patent figure of a new BlackBerry slider device? It very well may be if the wizards in Waterloo have their way. Berry Review stumbled upon these patent drawings by BlackBerry and to say the images of a slider that stores the physical keyboard with a "pivoting cover" is very intriguing. The drawings were under patent number 8,830,667 from September 9th, 2014.

    Now these are just patent drawings to show angles and function to obtain the patent idea. The final product will probably look way more different and sculpted than these boxy, squared off images. Berry Review also says that the code names are "Visa" and "Victoria" and that the expected release date is Q2 of 2015. I can see a corollary between the Passport and "Visa" which is somewhat more than wordplay but I appreciate the sense of humor nonetheless. I myself would have given a nod to "Victor and Victoria" but that's just my sense of humor.

    Take a look at the patent drawings and let us know what you think of the slider patent and the names.
    Source: Berry Review

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