• Discover The Most Talked About New Music In The World With Hype Machine For BlackBerry 10!

    I'm a huge music fan. I love pretty much all genres of music, and listen to a lot of it on a daily basis. Since I go through my playlists fairly quickly, it's always a challenge to find new music that's fresh, and hasn't been played out by the radio already. Thankfully today, I think I may have been given the app just for that: Hype Machine.

    Hype Machine's goal is to get the most popular music from all over the world directly in the palm of your hand.

    Every day, thousands of people around the world write about music they love — and it all ends up on Hype Machine. They watch for new posts on over 800 of the most interesting blogs and make it easy to follow this chaotic world. You can listen to the newest tracks posted just minutes ago, the most popular tracks of the day, and check out what your friends have discovered on the service.

    Each week, they also hand-pick an album that you can stream in its entirety before you can buy it. All this, without ads or monthly fees.

    On top of everything, Hype Machine is a completely 100% native app; actually written in Cascades. This gives it the most smooth feeling when transitioning between menus, and different parts of the app.

    Hype Machine is available for free in BlackBerry World, so check it out today!

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