• Devs: Today Is 10/10, Time To Start Submitting Your BlackBerry 10 Apps!

    Today, 10/10, is the day that RIM has told developers that they will now be able to start submitting their BlackBerry 10 apps into App World. This means that by submitting your app before the launch, it will be tested and ready when BlackBerry 10 does finally launch in Q1 of 2013. As always, there is a first come first serve basis, so make sure to get your apps in at least a month or two before launch so you don't miss out. RIM is going to review all apps submitted to BlackBerry App World in October and November for preferred carousel placements at launch as a thank you.

    Developers, be sure you are using the Beta3 Developer SDKs launched on September 27 to create your applications. Any app previously submitted, needs to be recompiled using the Beta3 Development Software and resubmitted.

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