• Devs: Time Running Out To Claim Your Limited Edition BlackBerry 10 Smartphone

    If you are the owner of a BlackBerry 10 Dev Alpha, you are eligible for the BlackBerry 10 Limited Edition trade-in program.

    Don’t miss out!

    To qualify for the Limited Edition BlackBerry 10 smartphone, you need to have at least one qualifying BlackBerry 10 app built, signed, and submitted to BlackBerry World by January 21, 2013. Once your app is submitted, you can apply for the Limited Edition BlackBerry 10 smartphone at https://developer.blackberry.com/limitededition. It is not required to apply before January 21, 2013, but your BlackBerry 10 app must already be submitted by this date.

    You will need to send back your Dev Alpha before the Limited Edition BlackBerry 10 smartphone is shipped to you. The Dev Alpha can be returned anytime. Please keep in mind that the Limited Edition devices will not begin shipping until six to eight weeks after the BlackBerry 10 launch on January 30, 2013.

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