• Devs: SDKs For BlackBerry 10 Keyboard Coming Next Month

    RIM continues to walk the walk as they persist in bringing on the developer tools support for BlackBerry 10. BerryReview managed to get ahold of RIM, and found out that we will be getting the BlackBerry 10 Keyboard SDKs come next month. The reason we haven't seen them yet, is because of the timing of the release of the BlackBerry 10 Gold SDKs earlier this month. RIM felt that it would have been overwhelming to release it all at once. The timing of the Keyboard SDKs is also in step with the BlackBerry Dev Alpha C program that is expected to launch in Feb 2013. Once the SDKs become available, you can download them via the Dev BlackBerry website.

    Are you exited for the BB10 Keyboard SDKs? Have any apps you been waiting to complete till they finally release?

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