• Devs: Cash in your Points, BlackBerry Rewards Program Coming to a Close!

    The program that helped boast the dev community for BlackBerry 10 is now drawing to a close. BlackBerry Jam Zone Rewards Program provided developers with incentives to develop and participate in BlackBerry Dev events. In return, points would be awarded, in which the dev could cash in for various prizes.

    So, now that it's lived it's life and will be coming to a close, BlackBerry is giving those with points one more final chance to trade them in. They are also adding a Z30 and PlayBook (yep, PlayBooks are still on the shelves at BB headquarters) as items you can select, allowing those who have accumulated a large number of points to be able to use them all.

    Here is the full email about the program closing...

    Choose between two options
    1. Cash in your points
    Everyone with outstanding points will have the opportunity to make one final order before August 15, 2014. In order to ensure more options for those with a high number of points, we´re adding a BlackBerry® Z30 and BlackBerry® PlayBook™ to the list of items you can order.

    2. Donate your points
    In recognition of your commitment to community and knowledge sharing, we have made arrangements to convert unused points into charitable donations. For every 25 unused points we’ll donate $1 USD to local charities promoting coding for kids. See our blog post for a list of charities.

    If you take no action by August 15, 2014 all of your outstanding points will be automatically converted to a charitable donation.

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