• Devs: Is BlackBerry Porting Your App To The Q10?

    BlackBerry has already ported many PlayBook 2.0 apps to boast the selection of apps for the BlackBerry 10 platform. However, now that we've gotten a nice selection of BlackBerry Z10 apps, that still doesn't solve the Q10 "app gap" that currently exists.

    BlackBerry has stepped up once again, and has started to port Z10 apps that they deem eligible for bringing over to the Q10. Devs have the option to opt out of this service as well if they choose to port their apps themselves. Otherwise the process has begun. See more details in BlackBerry's email below:

    We tested your BlackBerry® Z10 app and we’re happy to report that it doesn’t require any changes in order to run on the soon-to-be-released BlackBerry® Q10 smartphone! We are going to automatically port it over so you can get it in front of app-hungry BlackBerry Q10 users.

    Not ready yet? Let us know

    If you don’t want us to automatically port your app over to BlackBerry Q10 right now, please let us know by filling out the Opt Out form. You must opt out by June 10, 2013 or your app will be automatically ported. Opt out

    Happy Development,
    BlackBerry World Team

    Let us know in the comments if one of your apps are going to be ported to the Q10 by BlackBerry!

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