• Developers Take "No Sleep 'Til BlackBerry 10" Literally, Submit 15,000 Apps In Over 36 Hours

    BlackBerry 10's success will depend on a few things, including a great catalog of apps come launch time at the end of January, that's fairly obvious. RIM's Developer Relations team has been doing an insane job getting as many big time and small, newer developers onto the platform. One of the best ways they've been able to get more devs and apps submitted into the newly renamed BlackBerry World is by hosting these Port-a-thons.

    For those unfamiliar with what this means, developers pretty much pull an all nighter and cram out as much coding as possible, with hopes of submitting their apps by the time the por-a-thon ends (usually a 36 hour event).

    The last port-a-thon helped yield over 4,000 apps submissions in the span of 36 hours and that was pretty impressive. However, it turns out BlackBerry 10 devs still weren't done.

    In this port-a-thon, developers submitted over 15,000 apps in a little over 36 hours. Absolutely incredible. Obviously, this doesn't mean there will be 15,000 new apps as odds are not all will go through automatically without changes or improvements, but the vast majority will.

    We're not sure if this number was counted on by RIM in order to reach the promised 70,000 app count or if this will help surpass that amount, but it turns out the port-a-thons are still not over. There will be one more, the Last Chance port-a-thon, which will start on January 18th at noon and end at the end of January 19th.

    If you're a developer and haven't submitted your app to BlackBerry 10, get cracking and don't miss this last chance to be part of history! 17 days to go.

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