• Developers: Rest Easy, BB10 Browser Meets Ringmark Benchmark Standard R1

    And so the heavens begin to align for a perfect BB10 launch in just a couple of months. Not long after announcing BlackBerry 10 as being FIPS 140-2 certified, RIM's Inside BlackBerry Developer Blog just announced another milestone reached.

    The new and completely redesigned BB10 browser built from the ground up using HTML 5 technology, has met the Ringmark r1 benchmakrk, ensuring that the browser is capable of running apps with a greater range of features. With this milestone met, developers can rest assured that their 2D games, music and camera apps built with HTML 5 will work without a hitch.

    But what is ringmark anyway? The Inside BlackBerry Dev Blog explains:

    Ringmark is an HTML5 test suite developed by Facebook and delivered to the Open Source community. It identifies a much needed standard to ensure consistency and a basic level of functionality for HTML5 app developers. In fact, Facebook says, “One of Ringmark’s primary goals is to prove that web features work for mobile web developers.” This is a great benefit to web developers and we wanted to showcase our support for this kind of standardization initiative.
    Note that Ring 1 is actually the second tier of app compatibility benchmark tests, and the next goal is to reach Ring 2. There is no doubt that BlackBerry 10 is all about committing to the developers; the BlackBerry 10 browser already is the highest performing browser on html5test.com, and now committing to another standards-based suite for app compatibility is a sure sign of Research In Motion's investment in the future of mobile development.

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