• Developer Success Stories That Inspire

    With BB10 in the horizon getting ever closer, it is nice of RIM to help us help them by showcasing various developer success stories. These range from "big shot" app developer teams such as Bellshare and foursquare to your every-day individual app developers such as Daniel Bigham, creator of Flix, luhu and Slideshow for PlayBook. It is not only encouraging and inspiring to see that RIM cares about their developers, but also proof that BlackBerry is not going anywhere anytime soon.

    One such inspirational example comes from Kathryn Lars, a Mom developing part-time:

    To carve out a presence in the mobile app world, Kathryn Lahrs needs the developing process to be simple, easy and fun. As a part-time developer, Kathryn has harnessed the BlackBerry WebWorks platform to create several successful applications, from the nostalgic game MASH to the family-friendly Santa Tracker.

    Her current challenge is a huge opportunity: two applications that will be fully integrated with the new BBM v6.0 platform. Kathryn works to find time to develop apps – and it's hard to come by between her job and her one-and-a-half year old twin daughters.
    If you'd want to learn how to become a developer, or just want to bust some myths about BlackBerry app development, read on.

    Although, your mileage may vary as a developer, looking at the developer stories should help you take the leap and just pick a development language or runtime and "run" with it. The BlackBerry Developer landing page offers all the tools and examples you need to get you from idea to published application. Who knows? Perhaps you could be the next featured developer success story!

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