• Despite It's Woes, BlackBerry Still A Top 100 Brand Name

    The past year hasn't been a rosy year for the BlackBerry brand. While the mobile smartphone market seemed to be passing it by, RIM's flagship product has stumbled...but not broken. In the brand name marketplace, name recognition goes hand in hand with quality. No one knows a quality brand more than a BlackBerry phone user.

    Despite the trying times, the other sites and paid pundits would want you to think and sometimes tell you HOW to think, the BlackBerry brand name is still recognized as a top 100 Global Brand. Coming in at 93rd out of 100, falling 39% in it's brand name valuation to $3.9 Billion but keeping it ahead of brand names such as Yahoo, Ferrari and Master Card.

    I am wiling to say that when BlackBerry 10 comes out, the BlackBerry brand name will climbing up the list yet again.

    The top 5 name brands are:

    • 1. Coca Cola
    • 2. Apple
    • 3.IBM
    • 4.Google
    • 5.Microsoft

    Source: Interbrand

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