• Designers: It's Your Time To Stump The BlackBerry Devs!

    As a UI and graphics designer myself, I can appreciate the work it takes for a coder to take that interface and make it into a functioning app. There is a symbiotic relationship of UI and code that makes up a great app.

    If you are a app designer yourself, you may be interested in RIM's latest contest called, Stump the Devs:

    How do I stump someone and who am I stumping? Provide us with a design or mock-up that you think would be difficult to be implemented using our Cascades™ UI framework. The Cascades tools development team will try to implement your submission in a flexible manner that involves no hardcoding of values and that is flexible enough to handle multiple screen resolutions and multiple form factors.
    For more details on guidelines to the contest, head on over to the Inside BB Dev Blog.

    Be sure to let us know if you submit a UI design of your own to stump the devs. Even better, post a picture of your design in the comments below!

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