• Decoding Starting New App Dev Startup, Refocus Labs - Focusing On BlackBerry 10

    The developers over at Decoding are launching a new app development startup called Refocus Labs. Refocus Labs is aiming at BlackBerry 10 development with 25 games and apps ready for BlackBerry World.

    “BlackBerry 10 as a platform really allowed us to fuse art and technology so beautifully in our apps, making us instantly tilt towards It,” Shashwat Pradhan co-founder of Refocus Labs.

    Some of their top apps for BB10:

    • Medieval Shift
    • Multi Paddle Pong
    • Bubble trouble
    • Guess Word
    • Space Crusader

    All ReFocus Labs' apps and games can be found at BlackBerry World.

    Head to the Refocus Labs website for more details as well.

    Shashwat has given us at BlackBerryOS a little heads up on their Medieval Shift game. It's a RPG style game that has a very Zelda like UI feel to it. The game is developed in HTML5 using Webworks. You can download it free for a limited time!

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