• Dear New York Times, I Love My BlackBerry

    Last night, the New York Times decided RIM and BlackBerry were getting a little too much positive publicity in the news so they needed to write this piece of crap article "Quick, Hide the BlackBerry, It’s Too Uncool" to even out the trend they've helped create.

    Now, this isn't just a "report," but it breaks the barrier into a personal attack on those of us that do love BlackBerry, and who know how to get the most out of our devices. Sure, no one likes doing battery pulls or seeing that stupid little spinning clock go off when we're doing too much, but you're not gonna tell me what's "cool" and what's not just because some idiots you found on the street succumb to peer pressure when asked about their devices.

    The gross generality that was this article, was also focused completely on BlackBerry's weakest market, the U.S. Had this interview been done, pretty much anywhere else in the world, the outcome would've been very different. Let's not be quick to forget, RIM recently reported an increase in worldwide subscribers, to 80m users, so to say BlackBerry is "obselete technology" is pretty much completely off.

    We can play their game though. If the New York Times is using "cool" as a unit of measurement, then I highly suggest you read about how BlackBerry is the coolest brand in South Africa. That's just one example of areas in which BlackBerry isn't just a presence, but a dominant force.

    Even in the U.S., BlackBerry is still a device for the elite, not for people that can't figure out how look something up on google or use Poynt for the most basic tasks.

    Not only was this NYT piece written in a bias, and distasteful way about the present state of BlackBerry, but the author also neglects to mention anything positive about the future and how, even if his most flawed opinion, BlackBerry 10 will have even more "cool" things than any of their iToys do.

    [Mobile? Click here to check out the video!]

    Can your device do any of this?

    It's not surprising at all though that the The New York Times was the one to take a cheap shot like this. It has been known to not only dog on RIM for the lamest things, but also be incredibly inaccurate when it comes to their reporting, even about the pro-BlackBerry news. Jut a few weeks ago after the BlackBerry Jam Americas keynote, the NYT wrote "RIM Shows Off New BlackBerry 10 Phones, but Gives No Firm Release Date." Did anyone see any BlackBerry 10 phones announced there? Because I'm pretty sure we only saw a second version of a developer prototype, and nothing more.

    Honestly, it cracks me up just to think how much people like this will have to eat their words once BlackBerry 10 hits the market. It must be very exciting for people like Frank Boulben and his team to have the opportunity to shock and awe those that think "RIM is dead" or stuck "in the stone age."

    I definitely know I'll enjoy writing about it.

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