• A Day in Life - Journal for BlackBerry PlayBook

    This is a quick review done by BBOS team member, lexsteryo:

    Are you a journal buff? Do you love taking photos and explaining why you took them? If so, then A Day In Life for the BlackBerry PlayBook is the app for you. With A Day In Life, you complete journal entries for the current day or previous day, adding image you already have taken or using the PlayBooks camera, taking a photo on the spot.

    Within the app you have access to viewing layouts including a day to day breakdown of each entry you have made, a complete photo layout of all the images you have entered, and a calender layout highlighting each day you made an entry.

    Adding an entry is easy as cake, simply clicking on the plus icon in the top left corner and adding your text entry as well as an image. You can change the date at the bottom of the entry screen, and mark it as a favorite as well.

    For $1.99, you have an incredibly powerful app from XLabz, providing you with a day to day, fun way to make journal entries. I highly recommend purchasing this app.

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