• The Day After At Research In Motion

    This morning, Thorsten Heins spoke during a company wide meeting at Research In Motion about everything BlackBerry. The meeting was around two hours long and covered pretty much every topic, from the delay of BlackBerry 10 to what will happen in the meantime.

    The delay in BlackBerry 10 has been caused by a number of things. A few of these reasons were covered in the earnings call and in the press release yesterday but the meeting this morning helped expand a little more what we heard before.

    Now just as a little disclaimer, I hated yesterday. I was disappointed and angry and frankly I still am at RIM management for not being straight forward with us from the beginning (This article will not address that). Nevertheless, after a day of thinking and learning more about the situation, I understand why the decision was taken to push BlackBerry 10 back.

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