• Dallas Is Ripe With BlackBerry Phones

    If the phrase, "Who Shot JR?" brings back a flood of memories of the Southfork Ranch, Jock, Bobby, Sue Ellen and an earwig of a theme song, you're most definitely a child of the 80's. And for you and the younger generation, the cable TV channel TNT has brought back the drama Dallas...and it looks like RIM has been busy in their product placement.

    Seems that the down at the Southfork Ranch, the Ewing clan is a huge part of TeamBlackBerry!! The Ewings all seem to be using BlackBerry smartphones!! From Torches to the new Bolds, the Ewings are sporting their BlackBerry every chance they get!!

    Now in all honesty, I was never a fan of the original show Dallas. I did watch the Who Shot JR Episode and I did have a huge crush on Charlene Tilton way back, when she was on the show. But, that's as deep as my interest went in the show. So, if you are a fan of an evening drama/soap opera or an old fan of Dallas, check out the new Dallas which airs on TNT, Wednesdays at 9/8c.

    Here are some screen shots of the Ewings and their BlackBerrys. And a H/T to Michael for using our e-mail tip line and giving us the heads up and providing the screen shots.

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