• Custom BBM PINs Price Dropped To $.99!

    Along with the update of BBM yesterday, came a nice little price drop for BBM Custom PINs. If you've wanted to get a customized PIN for BBM but thought the price of $1.99/month was a bit too ridiculous, you'll be pleased to find out that BlackBerry has dropped the price to $.99/month for your personalized PIN. You still may find it ridiculous to pay anything for a custom PIN...but I digress.

    For those of you whom already have an old subscription and want to take advantage of the new low price, you will need to re-subscribe and then cancel your old subscription. To do this, you can go to the BBM Shop, click on the Custom PIN and then touch Update Your Subscription. You will be taken to the payments screen where you will be able to purchase your custom PIN for $.99.

    You will then need to unsubscribe your old subscription of $1.99 by heading into BlackBerry World, clicking on My World, choosing the subscriptions tab at the top, choose the BBM Custom PIN category and select the "$1.99/30 Days" unsubscribe button.

    You should now be subscribed under the new price of $.99/month plan for the Custom PIN.

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