• Cubifice Devs Discuss Their Porting Success To BlackBerry

    One of the great avenues that RIM has brought to BlackBerry PlayBook and upcoming BlackBerry 10 OS, is the ability for Android developers to take their apps, and with a few simple steps make them compatible to use on the BlackBerry platform. This conversion process is otherwise known as, porting.

    The developers of Cubifice, PineLake Communications, have their own success story about how bringing their game from Android to BlackBerry has already produced a higher amount of downloads. In the video above, Dave Wagler, developer for PineLake, even gives a little demo to show you how easy it is to perform this conversion from Android to BlackBerry using the Dev Tools.

    Check out the video in it's entirety, and be sure to let us know of any stories of your own with porting Android apps or games. You can also download Cubifice free via BlackBerry App World.

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