• Crosscliq Introduces First NFC Magazine Ad For BlackBerry, Rogers And CIBC

    Now this is cool. Rogers, CIBC, and RIM have teamed up to release Canada's first NFC magazine ad with the proud support of Crosscliq. What is it exactly? Well, this magazine actually has an NFC tag in it, that when a BlackBerry with NFC enabled (i.e. Bold 9900) is held up to it, it will allow the user to do a bunch of cool things. According to NFC World, you'll be able to "instantly download a holiday gift offer, access free premium BlackBerry apps, get information on the new BB10 lineup and download CIBC's Suretap payments app."

    It's really awesome to see the world of NFC expand little by little and to have BlackBerry be a prominent part of it. Don't be surprised if we see even more innovations on the horizon with NFC in 2013. It's only going to get better.

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