• Cowboom.com Deal: Refurb 16GB PlayBook for $89

    Looking for a deal on a PlayBook? If you don't mind a refurbished one, you can snag a 16GB PlayBook for $89 plus shipping and taxes. Cowboom.com, Best Buy's offshoot clearance site, has refurbished ones (not in pristine condition of course..) on sale until supplies last.

    Remember that 16GB isn't a whole lot of memory anymore so that is something to consider. Also, this discount is really a bare bones discount so please be warned that you get just the tablet, the booklet and the cleaning cloth. You do not get the USB Cable, the retractable blade charger or the start-up card.

    If you can live without those "luxuries" and/or have a spare USB and PlayBook charger, I think this is a great deal. Especially with the new promised BlackBerry 10 OS that is supposed to be pushed to the PlayBook shortly after the BlackBerry 10 phones are out.

    Let us know if you're getting one or more than one in the comments section below.

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