• Count Down The Days Before BlackBerry 10 Arrives With Kisai Labs' BB10 Countdown App

    We know that BlackBerry 10 will be launching on January 30th, 2013 and since now there's an official date, there needs a countdown for it as well. This evening, Jerome Carty from Kisai Labs impressed the heck out of a few of us on Twitter when he developed the BB10 Countdown app rather quickly.

    The app may seem simple, but it actually contains a lot more than meets the eye. BB10 Countdown is set by default to update your BBM display picture with a picture of the updated number of days remaining before BlackBerry 10's launch. It will prompt you to do so at whatever time you determine in the Settings menu, whether morning, noon or night.

    You can also set your BBM status to reflect the amount of time left from the app, as well as control how many snowflakes are in the interface of the app. BB10 Countdown also puts a number icon reflecting the amount of days before launch in the notifications bar directly on your homescreen for easy viewing.

    The app is available for BlackBerry device running OS 5+ with BBM 6 and up as well. It's not yet available in App World, but Jerome was nice enough to post an OTA for us to download beforehand.

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