• Convertly Updated To Version 2.0 For BlackBerry 10

    ReFocus Tech has updated their conversion app, Convertly, to version 2.0 for BlackBerry 10 smartphones. This update to Convertly features new additions requested by users such as add to clipboard and unit rearrangement. Convertly now also supports the BlackBerry Passport.

    The complete list of changes include:
    • Added support for the BlackBerry Passport
    • Units now automatically rearrange based on most frequently (now, base unit will be the most frequently used unit for that specific category).
    • Added "Copy" button on the conversions page to copy the conversion to the clipboard
    • Added more industry grade unit
    • Currency converter now sorted A-Z order by default
    • Added native application bar (Swipe down)
    • Added Share, BBM, Contact and Rate Button
    • Fixed Bug in converting temperatures
    • Fixed text overflow issue
    • Minor fixes/changes

    Also, ReFocus Tech will be holding a 100 code giveaway for their ARKick app on their BBM Channel (C004D92DA) in the next week.

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