- Congrats To Our Senior Editor @AgentBlackBerry: BlackBerry Fan Of The Month, June 2012
  • Congrats To Our Senior Editor @AgentBlackBerry: BlackBerry Fan Of The Month, June 2012

    Yes, you heard right folks. Our very own BBOS Senior Editor, JT Teran - AKA @AgentBlackBerry, has been knighted the prestigous award of BlackBerry Fan of the Month for June 2012! While this comes as no surprise to us BlackBerry super fanatics who know JT, it did at first come as a surprise to him. But that's just because JT is a humble guy that is so infatuated with BlackBerry, and is always so busy sharing his knowledge and friendship to the community, that sometimes he forgets just how much of an influence he really is. That's the mark of a true BlackBerry fanatic. He's like that great Musician that tells you their skill level is just "ok," when in truth, they freakin' rock! I'm especially excited for JT to obtain this status within the melting pot of #TeamBlackBerry, and it's an honor for me to announce this achievement to our readers as well. RIM couldn't have picked no one better than him to be this month's BlackBerry FOTM!

    Now for a little fun fact about our FOTM before I let you loose to read the interview with JT at the Inside BlackBerry Blog. JT has become well known for coming up with awesome ways to relate a BlackBerry product to certain dates. Call him a BlackBerry numerologist if you will. He was the creator of the viral hashtag, #TwosDay, which RIM officially took hold of as a label for the launch of OS 2.0 for the BlackBerry PlayBook on Tuesday, Feb 21st. He is also the originator of the idea that the first BlackBerry 10 smartphone should launch on 10-10 later this year. I could actually see this happening. We already know RIM has taken to his clever dating methods before.

    Something else I might add real quick to this awesome announcement, is that JT is the second BBOS team member to receive the BB FOTM award! Yep, our very own BBOS Writer, Brian - AKA @Newshutr, was RIM's first victim to be dubbed BlackBerry Fan of the Month back in January! If that doesn't say something about how great of a group of true BlackBerry fanatics are on BlackBerryOS, then nothing will. One thing you can always count on, BBOS will always stay true to the #TeamBlackBerry community!

    JT is always posting on Twitter, so be sure to follow him for all his latest and greatest. Also, if you aren't a member of BBOS yet, get signed up now, and add AgentBlackBerry as a site BBOS friend, and check out his articles here in the blog.

    Now head over to the official BlackBerry blog to read the interview with JT, and find out more about June's BlackBerry Fan of the Month! Don't forget to leave a comment below congratulating JT on this awesome achievement!

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