• Congrats To @Zalman5K - BlackBerry Fan Of The Month, December 2012

    With 2012 coming to a close, RIM has just announced this year's final BlackBerry Fan of the Month award for December. Congrats to Zalman!

    Inside BB blog reports that Zalman is a BlackBerry pro:

    "by connecting his BlackBerry devices, he’s been able to cut down on the use of PCs and carry out almost all of his work on his BlackBerry Curve 9300 and his TWO BlackBerry PlayBook tablets. This FOTM isn’t all work when it comes to his BlackBerry devices, though. When he’s not blazing through the 100+ emails he typically receives in one day, you can find him placing video calls on his BlackBerry PlayBook tablets or chatting with friends and family over BlackBerry Messenger (BBM) (he can hold up to 15 conversations at once!)."

    Be sure to follow @Zalman5K on Twitter and say congrats! I just did myself.

    You can read the full December BB FOTM interview with Zalman at the InsideBB blog.

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