• Comparing BB10 to webOS

    Hi. I'm Alan Morford and I'm a recovering Palm user. (This is the part where you all say, "Hi Alan!")

    Remember Palm? The pioneer and once giant of the mobile tech industry that launched an era of mobile computing that was purchased by HP who violently and viciously murdered it for no good reason? That Palm? I do.

    Sorry if I sound a bit miffed still. Truth be told I'm mostly over it. In fact, I moved on in late 2011 when most of the other webOS users did too. I bought a nice shiny Android phone. I didn't know anything about Blackberry at the time so don't shoot me just yet.

    Two years I spent on Android. Then it died in 2013. I had to pull out my old phone and that's when it happened. I fell in love all over again. It was like opening up that old, dusty shoe box tucked away in the darkest recesses of your closet only to find the one picture of your long lost love. You swore you'd thrown it away when they broke your heart so many years ago but there it is with all of its memories.

    I didn't go back when the replacement came. I kept using my Palm Pre Plus. That's right. I was having so much fun with a 4 year old phone which is less than half the size of my Galaxy Nexus and far less powerful. Why? Because webOS was still that cool.

    Granted half the crap on it didn't work anymore since most developers jumped ship. But the community was still there providing homebrew solutions.

    Two years passed and while I'm still enjoying webOS on occassion I find that what switching back really taught me was that I was looking at cell phones like a monogomous relationship. There are a lot of choices out there. That line of thinking brought me to BB10 and other OS' as well.

    HP announced they were closing webOS cloud services this year and with that news even the faithful were considering a platform change. So I made a video for pivotCE comparing some of my favorite features of webOS to Blackberry in an attempt to show those considering their departure what I believe is the closest thing out there. You'll have to forgive the fan-boy excitement I have for webOS at times in the video. I do give a ton of credit to Blackberry. They're doing what they want, making phones they want to make, and really paying attention to their fans. If only Palm/HP could have done the same.

    Are you a past Palm user too? I feel your pain. But hey, BB10 is pretty darn amazing. It's the reason I own a Passport and Q10 now too.

    Check the video below for my thoughts comparing the two.

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