• CNET Reports That Flagship Device Called The A10 Will launch This November

    While we have already been told by CEO Thorsten Heins that a new flagship device will be coming out this holiday season, CNET claims to have received more info that it will launch in Nov and be called the "A10."

    The A10 will be the mother of all BB10 devices to launch in 2013, and will bring along some amazing specs that will be right up against competitor devices. This will undoubtedly bring the Z10 and Q10 to a mid-tier level, which in turn allows for more affordable BB10 devices for the rest of the world.

    CNET reports that Sprint is already on board with the A10, and that is the reason they decided to opt out of carrying the Z10. In a way, this makes a lot of sense. According to their source, Sprint doesn't hold any kind of exclusive agreement with BlackBerry, so that leaves the A10 the ability to launch on multiple carriers. What we would expect.

    For those that aren't aware. The A10 has been using the code-name "Aristo," and is suppose to be the Z10 on steroids. The screen size is suppose to be larger. More RAM, memory, faster processor, better camera, better audio, and just an all around monster! This will definitely be needed if the A10 plans on competing with the next tier of competitor devices, like the iPhone 6 or Samsung Galaxy S4.

    Will you be getting the BlackBerry A10?

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