• A Closer Look At BlackBerry 10's New BBM Emoticons

    Last week we asked the BBOS community what their favorite BBM Emoticon is. Today, we're doing a follow up, and after seeing the shiny new BB10 mostly redesigned BBM icons you may have to reconsider. Firing up BBM on the latest Dev Alpha OS shows an updated array of BBM icons with an more modern look to them. We've taken the liberty of making a video and including a Hi-Res image below so you can appreciate them in all their glory.

    As an added bonus, you'll be happy to know that the myriad of hidden BBM icons is still available in this updated version of BBM.

    Thorsten Heins also mentioned last week that more advanced features are coming to BBM in BlackBerry 10, so there is much more to be excited for. Personally I prefer BBM emoticons over emoji, but who knows, there may be room for much more creative conversations in future BBM versions. Which of the NEW BBM icons captured your heart?

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