• The Classic Shows Up Outside Of John Chen's Demonstration

    The BlackBerry Classic, which had previously been seen in John Chen's hand, went out for a bit of a stroll today. This photo was sent to me and when I opened it, I sat with my mouth open. I admit that the BlackBerry Classic is very pleasing to the eye but this photo caught me. I wasn't a fan of the Q10 because I thought the screen was too small. But with this image, the 3.5" screen just seems to work. It looks as if a Bold 9900 and a Q10 had a child. It's getting the best of both parents, so to speak.

    So, what do you think? Do you want a Classic or the Passport. Is the Classic too much like a Q10 to make you not want to switch? Let us know in the comments below with your thoughts.

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