• Claron Debuts Nil App Medical Imaging For The Playbook

    The flexibility that the Playbook brings to the table just got bigger with the introduction of the Nil App by Claron echnology. The app provides instant medical imaging technology to systems running Claron's Nil rechnology. Another innovation that makes the Playbook so very valuable to the medical field.

    Press Release

    Orlando - Claron Technology introduces at SIIM 2012 the BlackBerry® PlayBook™ app for the Nil family of medical imaging viewers, which support anytime, anywhere web-based review of a full range of imaging modalities and related data. The Claron Nil viewers include both NilRead for diagnostic applications and NilShare for referring physician and other non-diagnostic users.

    The Nil app for the BlackBerry PlayBook provides one-click, ultra-fast access to the innovative image viewer running either on Claron’s NilCloud or a medical facility’s dedicated Nil server. The new app complements Claron’s zero-footprint Nil web viewer accessible on any desktop, tablet or smartphone. The new app is now available for the PlayBook for free on BlackBerry App World™.

    Innovative Nil technology provides authorized userssophisticated exam viewing and manipulation capabilities, including 2D, multi-planar reformatting (MPR), 3D and even echocardiology with full cine. It allows comprehensive image manipulation with window/level, zoom, pan, rotate and more in either single or multiple window layouts.

    Nil allows medical facilities to securely distribute images and reports outside their network without maintaining a dedicated complex IT infrastructure. It is also a versatile, flexible and easy-to-use tool for image viewing on any mobile device, providing medical facilities with an ideal complement to their existing PACS solution.

    Users access images from either cloud-based storage or by logging into their local Nil server. Nil web technology is compatible with all major desktop OS, and also includes dedicated apps for all the major smartphone ecosystems. Nil uses highly optimized client-server communication to remain highly responsive even over limited bandwidth and high latency connections, such as cellular 3G.

    “Now BlackBerry PlayBook users have a new ultra-fast and convenient way to access images on Nil servers,” says Claudio Gatti, co-founder and co-CEO of Claron. “BlackBerry devices are widely used in the medical environment, and we anticipate that the new Nil app for the BlackBerry PlayBook will be very popular among IT managers and physicians in today’s fast-paced, HIPAA-conscious world.”

    “We’re pleased that Claron is expanding support for the BlackBerry platform with their new Nil app for the PlayBook,” said Peter Ng, Sr. Director, Alliances Strategy & Business Development at Research In Motion. “The BlackBerry PlayBook offers Nil customers an ultra-portable design, letting users easily carry the tablet with them. It also includes a high resolution display that offers sharp viewing, and delivers the responsive performance needed for handling medical images.”

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