• Check Out Songza Running Without An Active Frame On BlackBerry 10.2 [VIDEO]

    One of the biggest wants (some would say needs) BlackBerry 10 users have is the ability to have an app run in the background without needing an active frame to be open (BlackBerry has dubbed them "headless," I would've preferred frameless but I digress).

    While this ability is already possible with certain native apps like BBM, Twitter for BlackBerry, Facebook; etc, other apps have had to wait until 10.2 to be able to access this function. Obviously, 10.2 isn't out anywhere officially, but there was a crazy little OS leak on the same day the 10.2 SDK was released and low and behold what that OS can do.

    One of our moderators, AVPTI, recorded the above video showing how a sideloaded version of Songza will continue to play a song even after the active frame is closed (aka it's headless).

    As we can see, the Songza app icon gets a little spark, and a notification is also pushed to the Hub alerting the user that the app is still playing in the background. You can either stop the song, and close the app, or delete the notification in the Hub to kill the app in the background.

    Now, is this how all apps will run in the background on 10.2? No idea. 10.2 is still in it's very early stages out in the open (internally it's further along), so until we get better leaks, more apps to test; etc, we can't be sure how the array of apps will handle being headless.

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