• Check Out This Gorgeous BlackBerry Passport Design by Andrew Zhilin!

    Designer Andrew Zhilin has made a gorgeous concept of the BlackBerry Passport, combining its unique form with the stylish and elegance touch from Rado, one of the top Swiss watchmakers. Rado watches are famous for its use of high-tech ceramic material, titanium, and sapphire crystal.

    From blending the BlackBerry Passport and the concept of Rado, Zhilin has created a very classy smartphone. Zhilin portrays the BlackBerry Passport with gold-plated button and lines across the segmented body. The BlackBerry Passport in this concept runs OS 10.3 and is equipped with Phantom keyboard, which is said to only appear when the display is turned on and will hide when the users finish typing.

    Sounds cool, right? You can check our gallery below for the BlackBerry Passport concept from Andrew Zhilin

    Source: DetikInet

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