• Channel Your Inner Bond With BlackBerry Apps For The Secret Agent

    Have you been out to see the new James Bond 007 movie Skyfall? Are you now antsy to get out and try some new spy moves you saw during the film? While you may not be able top Mr. Bond, you can at least get started harnessing your inner spy with some BlackBerry apps for aspiring secret agents.

    Donny from the InsideBB blog has compiled a great list of BlackBerry apps that can be used to bring out the agent in you! Check out the list below:

    by SecureMic Inc.: By activating the SecureMic, the microphone of your device is temporarily disabled, so that in the event of a “pocket dial”, your conversations are undetected. With SecureMic activated, your BlackBerry smartphone cannot be used as a listening device against you. A must-have app for any secret agent!

    FingerPrint Lock
    By Pace MobiTech: A cool app for all the users who want complete high-tech security for their BlackBerry smartphone. It’s a unique lock that scans your finger and permits you to use your device. Forget all the boring smartphone locks and select the one that best suits an agent. *Note: Scanner lock doesn’t scan the fingerprint; rather, it detects the number of scans.

    Phone Security Lite
    By Pace MobiTech: This app protects your confidential information and helps locate a lost or stolen BlackBerry smartphone. It also can be used for tracking your device, safeguarding your child, and possibly monitoring a suspected double agent. It is designed to give you total control over your BlackBerry device, no matter where it is.

    Spy Camera
    by Oswald Designs: Take pictures silently with no flash with the Spy Camera app. Set the picture as Caller ID or wallpaper, share picture over BlackBerry ® Messenger ™ (BBM ™) Contact, BBM Group, email and Facebook®. You can also apply effects to pictures such as black and white, normal and sepia. Perfect for covert sting operations!

    For BlackBerry by Ardour: Silently monitor your own BlackBerry device in real time. iSpy stealthy records the activities of your BlackBerry smartphone. Record SMS, call* and BBM chat activities and store the data afterward. When you want to view results, simply visit the app and enter the password to see the activity. *Note: Feature captures call logs, not audio.
    Let me know in the comments if you have any apps that we could add to the list of covert secret agent apps!

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