• CEO Is Getting Tired But He Won't Stop Fighting For BlackBerry

    John Chen is a glutton for punishment. It's not that he goes looking for trouble but he sure as heck keeps finding it.

    He's been squashing rumor after rumor lately. You may have heard about the BlackBerry buyout by Samsung? Not happening. It was their partnership for security from September of last year that fed the fire. Nothing came of it though except for a small boost to BBRY stock prices. Funny...not too long ago Google chose Samsung for security...which Chen fought too. Now Samsung is choosing BlackBerry...hmmm.

    Apple Inc. is buying BlackBerry. At least that's what the "unavailable source" says is happening. Must have been the same source from the Samsung rumor. No comment from Team BlackBerry on this one yet but it usually takes a couple days. Interestingly, BBRY stock prices upped today again because of the rumor.

    John Chen is afraid of failure. Aren't we all? He opened up about his fears as CEO and about his devotion to the company.

    "Right now, I know [turning BlackBerry around is] impossible," Chen said in an interview with Business Insider. "I should leave now because if I stay longer, it will be on me. But it will work. People like us, who like to tackle a tough problem, who focus on turnarounds and trying to save enterprises and businesses, we like tough challenges," he said. "It's like emergency room doctors. It's not like it doesn't get to you — it does get to me, but we can't let it drag us down. I'm not too concerned about how tough this is," he said. "Sometimes things are so bad that you find out over time that you laugh at it, but you get up and run again."
    Even prominent members of Canada's government have been taking shots at BlackBerry.
    In a post on the company's website, Chen said that Qaadri "used offensive words that have no place in modern discourse" and called on him to apologize for "behaviour that reflects poorly on all of Canada."
    Though they've already "apologized".

    Yeah, thaaaat's not an apology. Nowhere in there did he admit fault. He apologized if what he said offended you not that he was sorry for his words. ...politicians.

    At least we know that some of the fighting has settled down. You'll remember the T-Mobile fight which concluded with the announcement that the BlackBerry Classic is coming to T-Mobile.

    You don't hear Google or Apple defending against the nay-sayers. Maybe it's because they aren't passionate about it. Or maybe...they're not worth fighting for.

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