• Celebrity Chef Tyler Florence Explains Why He Made The Switch To BlackBerry

    Smartphone tech fans are as bad as sports fans when it comes to the question "which is the better?" But it's always interesting to know regardless of what team/product one likes, as to why they switched in the first place? The answer can tell you a lot about the needs and wants of that particular person. Or, maybe they just like being on the bandwagon! For one celebrity chef, Tyler Florence (who now uses the Passport), he has a story of his own as to why he chose BlackBerry over the iPhone. Have a read below...

    Via the BlackBerry Blog:

    A self-professed “old-school BlackBerry fan,” Florence spent most of the 2000s decade using BlackBerry smartphones, until switching to an iPhone a number of years ago.

    While Florence praises the iPhone’s usability and fun factor, there were downsides. As the host/co-host of shows such as The Great Food Truck Race, Food Court Wars, and Worst Cooks in America, Florence travels about 90 days, or nearly a quarter of the year. Being on the go became increasingly incompatible with the iPhone, which “left me stranded way too many times to count.” Searching for outlets to recharge his iPhone was an inconvenience he couldn’t afford. “I’d be filming on set for 10-12 hours, then we would wrap and I would have to rush to the airport. I’d only have a small window of time to catch up on e-mail and other work. I really needed a phone that could keep up with my busy day.”

    Something as simple as the auto correct feature also put his carefully-nurtured business relationships at risk. “I’m the CEO of a company, in partnership in 8 different businesses,” he says. “E-mails are my word. People judge you by your typos.”

    Florence recalls one gaffe that occurred when he was writing an e-mail to the President of the Macy’s department store chain. “I was writing it very quickly. Well, Auto-Correct changed Macy’s to Maybe,” he says. “I have a thousand more stories like that one.”
    Have any stories of your own as to why you switched to or from BlackBerry? Let us know in the comments!

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