• Celebrate National Beer Day With Untappd For BlackBerry 10

    For those that know me, I'm a huge beer nerd. Like the type of beer nerd that has brewed his own beer. So it's no surprise that I keep up with the best social drinking app ever. Untappd for BlackBerry 10.

    Just so happens that today is both National Beer Day and Session Beer Day. Yep, two awesome memorable events on one day. Untappd tells us a little history behind the day, and some cool badges you can earn with the app while you're out celebrating:

    "On April 7th, 1933, Prohibition ended and there was much rejoicing. While there were still restrictions on the ABV allowances, this opened the door for the American craft beer revolution to take hold and grow to what it is today. To celebrate, we’re bringing back our National Beer Day badge for 2013! Be sure to check-in to any beer on Sunday, April 7th and it’s all yours!

    Something we as craft beer drinkers often forget is that a great tasting beer doesn’t have to have an high ABV. As some breweries race each other to have the highest, some of the best beers out there keep it low. This Sunday also happens to be Session Beer Day, a day in which we celebrate these low ABV beverages - anything 4.5% and below. We’re also bringing back our Session Beer Day badge for 2013, so be sure to check-in to any beer with an ABV of 4.5% and below (ABV must be listed as such in Untappd to count) to get it!"
    So put on your beer goggles, raincoat, or whatever you wear to celebrate a day of drinking some good beer, and be sure to check-in with Untappd!

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