• Celebrate The Landing Of NASA's Curiosity Mars Rover With Mars Apps, Games, & Themes For BlackBerry

    As the world watched in amazement, the Mars rover named "Curiosity" has landed safely on the surface of Mars. The US Gov agency NASA has done it once again. This time around Curiosity is a more robust rover and will be able to carry on with more research and images into the mysterious surface of the Mars planet.

    With all the hype going around let's celebrate this historic and epic event with our BlackBerry devices! There are a number of ways you can do this. How about starting off by playing a great RPG Mars asteroid space game, Mars Defender: Asteroids Space RPG, on your PlayBook (also try the free version). Then decorate your BlackBerry smartphone or tablet with a Mars Wallpaper or Theme. Once you've done that, learn more about the red planet with the Mars Explorer and Mars Map applications. And finally, before you tuck your children into bed tonight, read them a fun interactive storybook called, Vacation to Mars!

    Have any other great Mars stuff for BlackBerry? Let us know in the comments!

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