• CascaRun Free/Pro Updated With Several New Activities

    If you are a fitness fanatic who wants to get the most out of his/her BlackBerry 10 smartphone, CascaRun Free/Pro have received significant updates that bring a overhaul to this GPS fitness tracking app.

    There's a huge range of activities you can choose from within the app (with this update, 28 activities), so whatever the exercise routine you may choose to use to stay in shape, this app will be there to help you along!

    New in this version:

    • Added more activities (handcycle, gymnastics, strength training, tennis...)
    • Added custom minimum interval between HRM zone change events
    • Added (optional) synchronization to meerun.com
    • Added new "as-you-type" search option
    • Group workouts by day/week/month/year
    • Increased weight limit
    • Improved synchronization between web portal
    • Added missing map copyright
    • Fixed issues in the manual workout dialog
    • Fixed altitude correction
    • Fixed usage of the GPS for the flying activity
    • Fixed various performance and stability issues with the workout list view
    • Save manual training info in the MRR file

    Have you downloaded this update? Let us know in the comments below!

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