• Cascades UI Demo by TAT at DevCon 2011

    Cascades is the UI that's designed and developed by TAT (The Astonishing Tribe), a company RIM purchased a while back. Although we've seen this UI applied in apps like Scrapbook for the PlayBook, we hadn't seen much of what they had been working on till today.

    The above demo, posted on the BlackBerry Developers Blog shows off Cascades' unique and deep UI and how beautifully I could potentially look on our BlackBerry devices. With its mix of 2D and 3D graphics, Cascade is definitely an essential part of future apps for BlackBerry. Come this fall, developers will be able to incorporate this into their own apps.

    List of features:
    • Great performance, including amazing transitions and animations
    • Flexible UI layouts including free form lists.
    • 3D support
    • Support for mixing pre-packaged UI components with custom components
    • Core UI feature support
    Does this get you excited for what's next with the PlayBook/BBX smartphones?
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