• Can't Wait For #TwosDay

    I'm on Twitter.. A lot. One of the things I like the most about Twitter is the trending topics aspect. In case you're unfamiliar with the concept it's pretty easy. When something "trends" it just means it's being mentioned by a lot of people on Twitter at the same time. Topics can trend locally (city/state), nationally, or even worldwide. Sometimes these topics will be marked by a hashtag (#) to make it easier for people to join in. One of the most common Twitter hashtags for BlackBerry and its users is #teamBlackBerry.

    Along those lines, I was thinking today how we don't really have a name for the date of the launch of OS 2.0. We needed something catchy; something that would grab people's attention and ask more about 2.0. Let's face it, we're all excited about this release and more people need to know about it.

    So in honor of this release, we at BlackBerryOS have come up with the hashtag #TwosDay for the 21st. Seems appropriate, OS 2.0 + Tuesday = #TwosDay. We've tweeted this to BlackBerry and hopefully they will jump on this suggestion but even if they don't use it themselves we will.

    We want all of our readers with Twitter accounts to also join in. On the 21st, tweet your favorite new feature(s) of OS 2.0 using the hashtag #TwosDay and maybe, just maybe we can get it to trend. Happy tweeting #teamBlackBerry!
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