• Canadian Pre-Registration Shows iPhone & Android Users Coming Back To BlackBerry

    On the heels of reports that the BlackBerry Z10 is already seeing strong early sales, more evidence from CIBC suggests that BlackBerry may have already achieved a great start! We know that white models of the Z10 are sold out and basically non-existent on store shelves. So where does the CIBC point to for their numbers?

    CIBC analyst Todd Coupland wrote in a note to clients last week on the early interest of Canadian carriers, "In Canada 50% of preregistration at the carriers are not currently Blackberry users," the analyst wrote. "This was a surprise and a datapoint that will be watched closely in other regions."

    He also mentions the fact that 150 carriers plan to launch BlackBerry 10 phones, and the impressive early app count in BlackBerry World (100,000 apps expected by the time the Z10 launches in the U.S. according to the analyst).

    This could be BlackBerry's big comeback. If Canadian carriers are reporting those types of pre-registration numbers, then it's going to be a big turnaround. I also don't doubt that most of those users are coming from Android. Which I'm predicting we'll see a swarm coming back.

    Are you a iPhone or Android user coming back to BlackBerry? Let us know in the comments!

    Via: BGR

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