• Call Utility - Talk To You Later For BlackBerry

    Hedone from i-Mentalist just let us know about their new released app, Talk To You Later. Talk To You Later is a small but powerful app with three very important phone call features; Reply to a caller with SMS (or PIN on BlackBerry) when you are not able to respond to a call, stop numbers you don’t want ever to call you again (Junk numbers), and autorespond when you are on a meeting or you just wanna be unavailable for some time.

    Features include:

    • Add any number of messages to select from
    • Autoresponder with timer
    • Notification icon when Autoresponder is ON
    • Autoresponder SMS or PIN reply message
    • Autoresponder connected to social networks
    • Junk numbers
    • Import/Export your messages
    • History of actions and responses
    • Export history to CSV

    Purchase this app for only $0.99 in BB App World!

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