• Built For BlackBerry Clarified By Alec Saunders

    Alec Saunders, VP Developer Relations at RIM, has taken the time to write a blog post over at the BlackBerry Developer Blog explaining the process with the Built For BlackBerry programme. This is a timely article for BlackBerry developers who are hoping to have their apps put into the 10k Developer Commitment.

    Although the programme criteria is made clear, it appears that it's just far too easy for developers to hit the 'Apply' link when their app has been approved:

    We’ve had over 900 Android apps submitted to the Built for BlackBerry program – and Android apps do not qualify for the program in any way. Neither do web launchers, simple apps that mobilize content with RSS feeds, flashlight apps, et cetera.
    So, for developers like myself who are waiting to see how their app will fare in the Built for BlackBerry programme, we're being held up by needless submissions. We just need to be patient and wait our turn as the criteria for this is very strict compared to simply having an app submitted to BlackBerry World.

    There have also been some comments made in the developer support forums regarding the feedback that app vendors receiving (read: very little). Alec also states that this is being dealt with so that vendors can go and carry out the adjustments to the apps that they need to make.

    The good news is that the first round of developers have started to hear back if their apps have been approved or not for Built for BlackBerry - so we're starting to see quality BlackBerry apps get recognised.

    I'm sure that the Built for BlackBerry initiative is just starting to get it's feet, but as always seems to be the case of late, RIM is listening to it's developers and responding.

    I'm looking forward to seeing how the Built for BlackBerry apps stand apart from regular apps, and hope to see lots of them in the future!

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