- Brittish Prime Minister Treats His BlackBerry Like A Softball
  • British Prime Minister Treats His BlackBerry Like A Softball During Q&A Session In Dubai

    Looks like British Prime Minister David Cameron forgot to silence his BlackBerry during a Q&A session with students in Dubai. Needless to say, having your phone go off at a taped public event an embarrassing moment for any politician, but especially much more so for a Head of State. The good 'ol PM didn't lose his cool though and underhanded the noisy device the corresponding ambassador in attendance.

    Although he may have gotten his sports mixed up, it is sobering to see that world leaders still sport the mobile device known world-wide for its superior security, even if some features are disabled. Incumbent President Obama has reported being able to keep his BlackBerry, but with certain modifications. He cannot send voice messages or even make or receive calls, since "all recording capabilities" have been disabled on the device.

    RIM has put a focus on "BlackBerry People" in recent months, and come BB10, it is looking like this number will definitely increase.

    via: CIO

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