- Brine, An iOS Emulator For The PlayBook That We Could See In The Future
  • Brine, An iOS Emulator For The PlayBook That We Could See In The Future

    J. Duke from OSBB just gave me a heads up on a little YouTube video that's been making its way through the web. According to the video, there is an emulator being worked on called Brine that will allow us PlayBook users to run iOS apps on our tablets.

    Before everyone starts jumping up and down of excitement there are some things to keep in mind. Apple hates this kind of stuff, so you can bet anything that the evil fruit will be making it near impossible for the developer to get this released. Does that mean it wont happen? Not necessarily, as there are always ways to get things released.

    There are definitely going be restrictions as to what apps can work on this emulator too (example: apps that use the camera wont work).

    We'll keep you guys updated with more information as soon as we get it about this cool emulator. For now enjoy the video above and let us know what you think in the comments!

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