• Brick Breaker Returns With Trackpad Controls On BlackBerry Classic

    One of the most nostalgic memories of the history of BlackBerry devices has been those apps that have stood the many iterations of devices. I remember playing Brick Breaker on a Blackberry 8350i years ago, and it has always been one of my favorite apps on legacy BlackBerry devices. The iconic game made its first appearance on BlackBerry 10 devices exactly a year ago, but it just wasn't the "vintage" feel without a trackpad. With the BlackBerry Classic bringing Classic Navigation Keys to BlackBerry 10 for the first time, it seems we may now finally have a good reason to brush up on our Brick Breaker skills.

    Donny over at Inside BlackBerry posted a short video this week where he shows off a little of the Brick Breaker game play on BB Classic.

    Tune in next week, on December 17th for the launch event where all things Classic will be revealed.

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