• Blue BlackBerry Classic Now Available on Amazon Italy

    During Mobile World Congress, BlackBerry announced that the Classic would come in 3 additional new colors: white, blue, and bronze. While we've seen the white version arrived in some regions, the wait is still on for the blue and bronze ones in most regions. Earlier this week, Amazon Italy announced it is now taking the pre-orders for the blue BlackBerry Classic.

    The device comes with a €449 price tag and will include free shipping. Please bear in mind that Amazon Italy states that the device will arrive as soon as possible, without giving an exact shipping date.

    If you are looking to pick up the blue Classic immediately, I would suggest you buy from BlackBerry directly, as Shopblackberry.com (US and Europe) is holding an Independence Day sale and they've knocked $70 off the regular price of the blue BlackBerry Classic..

    Pre-order Blue Blackberry Classic on Amazon Italy
    Purchase Blue BlackBerry Classic From ShopBlackBerry US
    Purchase Blue BlackBerry Classic From ShopBlackBerry Europe

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